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Fund Administrators

Deliver Greater Value to Your Hedge Fund Clients Through Our Investment Management Services

Investment management clients face new operational challenges—increasingly complex investment strategies, a growing regulatory burden, changing investor expectations and convergence with other investment structures.  Fund administrators are turning to Broadridge to help ease their clients’ administrative burdens and institutionalize their processes. Our services also enable you to broaden your offerings and create new revenue opportunities, while minimizing errors and lowering market and operational risk.

Broadridge’s Investment Management technology and managed services offers an integrated set of client-facing and administrative software capabilities that equip you to streamline middle-to-back office functions within an efficient STP environment.

Broadridge can help enhance your revenue opportunities by offering client-facing reporting, trade capture, risk and OMS tools, and reduce your clients’ technology development and maintenance costs with an industry-standard multi-prime platform.


  • New revenue opportunities by offering client-facing reporting, trade capture and OMS tools
  • Streamlined middle- to- back office functions—improving internal operational efficiency and cutting costs
  • Global support model
  • Supports all asset classes
  • Reduce technology development and maintenance expense
  • Over 20 administrators rely on our technology