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Broadridge Product Support Services Available Six Days a Week

Focused on your Business Every Day

Broadridge’s client support is a key differentiator from other vendors in the global investment management industry. Our management team recognizes that mission critical applications require fast, reliable and accurate support response.

Our global presence in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, and the expansion of our support teams in these regions, allows Broadridge to provide 24×6 support.

Broadridge support involvement begins before the end of the implementation process  to ensure a smooth transition for the client from implementation to support. The support consultants have a thorough knowledge of Broadridge products, as well as, industry and business process to ensure they resolve issues in a timely manner. Each support consultant has successfully completed a series of training courses that includes a rigorous certification exam.

Broadridge’s support methodology provides optimal protection against downtime, and tracks all issues, issues status, response times, and resolution. Broadridge conducts semi-annual client surveys to provide an opportunity to incorporate customer feedback into our on-going support methodology. Our client support team also provides custom development services as requested by our clients.

Support services include:

  • Product support 24×6
  • Technical support 24×6
  • Advent’s Geneva® support
  • Sungard VPM™ support
  • Workflow monitoring services
  • Product upgrades services
  • Client relationship management