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Security Master

Centralized Reference Data Management Solutions

Security Master is a global repository of reference data developed to centralize and manage security terms and conditions across your entire enterprise. Security Master allows you to combine, arbitrate and cleanse external market data feeds and internal data sources, to create a single “Prime Copy” reference database, that all downstream systems can leverage.

By centralizing the management and distribution of security and corporate action information, Security Master provides firm-wide data consistency, integrity and accuracy.

Product Features

  • Complete global asset coverage for all listed and OTC security types.
  • Standardized adapters to industry leading market data providers (e.g., Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Markit) and third-party products (e.g., Portfolio Master, Advent’s Geneva® and Axys®, SunGard’s VPM™ and Front Arena™, Markit WSO™, Eze OMS™, Charles River Investment Management System™).
  • Real-time corporate action alerts via messages, emails and event driven reporting.
  • Centralized operational view of all current and upcoming porfolio events (e.g., swaps resets and payments,expirations, maturities, etc.).
  • Legal entity information to support issuer exposure, risk and compliance requirements.
  • Centralized document management.
  • Data validation tools to track, monitor and manage incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Rules-based arbitration between data vendors to create blended “Prime Copy” database.
  • Message-based posting infrastructure with complete web services API for seamless integration with accounting, trading, risk and reporting applications.
  • Integration with Broadridge Data Services, Broadridge’s fully hosted market data infrastructure.


  • Realize significant cost savings, reduce operational risk and ensure business continuity through firm-wide data integrity.
  • Manage data risk by centralizing data management across your entire firm within one application.
  • Reduce the time to implement new investment strategies across your business and internal systems.