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Automate Reconciliation for Investment Management Firms

Broadridge’s Reconciliation capabilities help fund managers to improve operational risk management, meet fiduciary obligations, and increase productivity by automating the process of checking trades against clearing and broker firm data. Automated reconciliation and trade matching reduces operational risk by removing the use of excel spreadsheets and human interaction. Broadridge enables managers to reconcile all of their trades, regardless of volume, across multiple brokers. Our Reconciliation solution also identifies errors in fee billing ensuring all account positions and many other data points are accurate.

The highly scalable, SWIFT-accredited Reconciliation solution can validate, enrich and match your transaction data from the earliest point in the trade lifecycle through to post-settlement, for any type of financial transaction across all internal systems and external agents, not just cash and securities.

Benefit from Broadridge’s Reconciliation solution immediately, by leveraging an easy to use, fully configurable interface and preconfigured templates – all tried and tested by the industry. The solution can be implemented on-site within your infrastructure, hosted as an ASP service, or as managed service solution with Broadridge providing both personnel and technology and delivering you the results.


  • Reduce risk through early detection of trading and settlement-related anomalies, comprehensive workflow and intelligent business rules processing
  • Improve operational efficiency by using a single solution to automate reconciliations of cash, securities, derivatives and commodities, or any other financial data
  • Leverage high capacity and performance for real-time, multi-threaded, simultaneous reconciliations
  • Save time and money with powerful exception management and reporting
  • Fast-track reconciliation improvements with a hosted or managed service solution