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Managed Data Services

Creating Global Financial Data Standards Through Managed Data Services

Broadridge’s Managed Data Service offers a complete solution to help you meet rising regulatory demands for data consistency, transparency and accuracy while avoiding the high costs and risks of gathering, cleansing and distributing reference data on your own. Providing a streamlined way to deliver the highest quality reference data throughout your organization, our Managed Data Service offers one-stop access to the data sources you need through a single, neutral global provider, covering:

  • Security Master — Terms and conditions (Listed and OTC)
  • Price Master — End-of-day pricing (Listed, OTC, FX)
  • Corporate Actions
  • Legal Entity
  • Financial Calendars

Our Managed Data Service offering combines technology and human capital in a flexible delivery model tailored to your needs—allowing you to deploy it as a managed service, ASP, technology or staff replacement in virtually any combination. Along with our Reference Data Management Service, this forms the backbone of a true enterprise data management (EDM) platform to ensure that accurate and consistent reference data is centralized, stored and published to downstream client systems.

Our Managed Data Service was recently recognized as Best Managed Service for Reference Data in the 2015 Inside Reference Data Awards – the third consecutive year we won.

Inside Reference Data Awards

Sponsored by Inside Reference Data, these awards recognize industry excellence within reference data and enterprise data management.


Build on top of a governance foundation

Governance Foundation

TCO reduction relative to in-house

Rather than expending your own resources to keep up with shifting regulations and changing data sources, you can leverage our scale and multi-firm expertise to ensure continuous improvement, state-of-the-art best practices and smooth scalability. Managed Data Service literally pays for itself with a tangible ROI, improved client service and faster entry into new markets. In fact, we’ve observed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced due to mutualization of IT and operational costs, rationalization of vendor feeds and redundant operational processes.


Data Quality Improvement

Our simplified infrastructure decreases operational risk around the quality and consistency of data throughout the enterprise. Data Quality scores are measured and guaranteed against a common rule book (maintained by Broadridge for all clients) and a Client specific rule book, according to the dimensions defined by the EDM Council.

Outstanding Quality Service

Broadridge has been a proven provider of managed data management solutions for more than 10 years. We employ highly experienced data professionals positioned globally within their respective markets and expertise. We continually monitor data quality metrics that track accuracy, timeliness and completeness.

Harness the power of our managed data service to reduce risk and improve the quality of data that feeds your enterprise’s systems. Contact us today.